Azeroth Prime: The War Begins
Chapter 37

    The guards and Thrice brought Revier into the throne room.

    Thrice solemnly said, “Here he is, My Princess.”

    The Princess, seated in her throne, stared intently at him, as she excused the guards. Williams stood in the background, observing it all.

    "I know you were in Zull’s camp. Do you want to tell me why?” asked the Princess of Revier.

    Revier lowered his head, "No, My Lady, I cannot. I should be hung, to get this over and done with.  I have betrayed you and the city I love.  I cannot live with the shame.”

    The Princess looked at him sternly, "Raise your head and look at me!”  As he raised his head and looked at the Princess, she said.  “I know you, and this is not like you, to be a betrayer.  Since Zull attacked our islands you have been acting very strange, and not yourself.  There is something you are not telling me.  What is it?  What is it that made you to do this?”

    You could see that Revier was visibly torn and near tears.  He said, “I cannot say, My Princess.  I was tortured by Mina and Darkling for three days.”

    The Princess said, "That’s what I don’t understand.  I didn’t think you would ever break under torture.”  Then, she lost her patience and shouted, “Tell me what happened!  Why did you help them?  Tell me now!”

    Revier fell to his knees, and began to weep.  He tried desperately to compose himself as he looked up at the Princess, and said, “My Princess, you know I would give you my life.  But, I have a terrible secret. I have a daughter by a woman below my station and we could not wed.  The mother and my daughter mean more to me than my life.  I was never concerned for myself, only them.  I gave Zull nothing, but I did meet with him secretly and he is our enemy.  Do with me, as you have to.  I have kept my secret for many, many years.  Even my daughter has never known who I am.  As far as she knows, her father was killed when Zull was exiled.  When Zull originally gained rule, he had me followed and found out about my family.  Recently, he decided to use it against me.  He knows the identities of my wife and daughter.  They would be outcast if my secret was known and their lives would be miserable.  Zull said he would expose me if I didn’t come when he called me.  My wife and daughter are all I have and mean everything to me.  My daughter is the pride of my life.  She has a beautiful life and I will never let it be destroyed.”  He then cast his eyes down towards the floor and his body sagged, resigned to his fate.

    “Who is she, Revier?  Who is this that means so much to you?” asked the Princess, and when she saw Revier preparing himself to not answer, she shouted, “Tell me!  I order you, as your Princess, to tell me now!”

    Revier raised his eyes to hers, “It is Carla, my only child, and your faithful, trusted warrior.”

    Silence fell upon the room.

    The Princess was visibly stunned and she leaned back into her throne.  Her eyes had not left Revier, “Carla is one of the best warriors I have, infamous for moving herself up the ranks of my army.  She’s completely trusted and a member of my personal guard.  She is a true warrior . . . and my personal friend."

    “I promise you, your secret, that gave her this chance in life, is safe with me,” she looked at Williams and Thrice with a commanding countenance, “and with all that are in this room.”

    She looked back at Revier and continued, “No one else will ever know.  To the world, her father died when Zull was exiled.  I give her my word on this.  At least this, you have accomplished.”

    Thrice stepped forward and said, “My Princess, may I say something?”

    Princess Kara was surprised by this interruption but since it was Thrice, she gave her permission.

    Thrice looked at Revier, with tears in her eyes, and said, “Carla knows you are her father . . . she knows you have been giving her mother money for the both of them.  Her greatest wish in life . . . has always been . . . to hear the truth from your lips . . . that you . . . are her father.”

    Revier was shaken when he heard this.  He turned ashen.  “Does she know I went to Zull?  Oh, elders, what have I done?  I swear to you Princess, I told him nothing and some of what I said was actually false, and misleading.”

    The Princess pondered for a moment, still riveted on Revier, who was beginning to slowly rise from his knees, as he covered his face with his hands in shame.

    The Princess said, “You are hereby stripped of the rank of captain of the city guard.  But I will give you one last chance, for Carla, to redeem yourself.  And only if you do exactly what I ask.  What did you tell Zull when you saw him?”

    Revier answered, “He asked me about the man with the strange clothes and funny looking hat.  I told him I had not spent any time with him and could not give him any information on the man.  He ordered me to find out all I can about him and then report back.”

    Princess Kara replied in a stern voice, “Anything else? Have you seen him before this?”

    Revier, “No, I swear it.”

    The Princess looked him in the eyes.  “See him again.  I have two tasks for you.  You will probably not survive them.  The first one is, I want you to tell him something, and it must be exactly this, . . . . . . .”

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